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Resources for research, audit and evaluations

OxCATTS is Digital-Ready
OxCATTS can rapidly design and deliver remote assessment and interventions, audits and evaluations. We provide virtual solutions to manage your project in clinical and non-clinical populations and support your innovations and technologies.

OxCATTS has successfully delivered studies remotely and can support you to safely and effectively:

  • Rapid and remote development and delivery of interventions and monitoring of their fidelity.
  • Determine easy optimal solutions for remote measurement including participant reported (such as questionnaires) and objective outcomes through the integration of sensors (such as wearables).
  • Source technology and innovations to measure your interventions remotely.
  • Ensure your evaluation meets all regulatory, ethical and data protection requirements.
  • Develop guidelines in the changing geopolitical environment.
  • Train your employees to create and manage measurement for audits, trials and quality assurance.

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