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About us

Vision and purpose

OAHP will:

  • leverage local assets and partnerships in research infrastructure and educational capacity to drive improved outcomes for patients, the population, researchers, and staff.
  • foster the development and evaluation of transformative technologies and innovations locally and in partnership with other AHSCs, AHSNs and BOB ICS in areas including digital health, multi-morbidity, ageing, infection and AMR, cell and gene therapies.
  • create an integrated Research Office to support all Partners in the creation of physical Clinical Research Facilities to enable early stage research. OAHP will deliver close formal coordination of research infrastructure including NIHR Centres, Facilities and Collaboratives alongside other major Centres and Institutes, to ensure pull through from its world class basic research to clinical practice.
  • ensure joint working and strategic planning, working with local authorities, residents and patient groups to coordinate ambitious new capital developments across the OAHP Campus and within individual sites.
  • expand capacity in target discovery for new drugs, building on public-private partnerships, and development of gene/nucleic acid therapies including manufacturing capacity.
  • extend the environment for innovation, spin outs and start-ups to accelerate the transitions from scientific discovery to clinical application for patient benefit, by working between Partners and with internal and external investors.
  • promote new multidisciplinary research and educational opportunities to support increased capability and capacity (e.g. Big Data and genomics, engineering, social sciences and humanities), and the training of under-provided AHP disciplines to code, build and analyse large data sets.
  • support initiatives in gender diversity and equality. In partnership with the Athena SWAN Charter, Advance HE, co-host an international conference to develop expertise and leadership for innovations and interventions in this area.
  • agree formal joint working arrangements across the Partnership, building on those already established.

OAHP’s vision is to respond to major challenges facing healthcare such as healthy ageing, multimorbidity and mental health, AMR and the best use of digital tools to improve care and patient self-management. OAHP will build on its track record of discovery, translation, innovation and education to create an infrastructure that accelerates the testing of innovations from all healthcare stakeholders to deliver patient benefit. OAHP will create a dynamic research culture through promotion of multidisciplinary working and collaboration, extending healthcare research and education into new disciplines. OAHP will draw on skills and resources across both Universities and Trusts, drawing on expertise in social studies, sports science, geographical analysis and the built environment.

OAHP’s purpose is to harness the Partners’ collective expertise, capabilities and infrastructure from across a wide range of fields including discovery, translation, education and commercialisation. OAHP will provide the platform to promote multidisciplinary research including all clinical and allied health professionals, healthcare scientists, paramedics, social workers, working together with patients.

OAHP will drive national efforts to develop, translate and adopt innovations into the NHS, leveraging local assets and skills to support collaboration and partnerships with Oxford AHSN and BOB ICS and with other AHSCs and stakeholders to support innovation and implementation addressing the priorities of NHS LTP, the Life Science Industry Strategy and the AAC.

Specific goals are given in the following section.