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Oxford AHSC Annual Report to 31 March 2020

The final Annual Report of the Oxford Academic Health Science Centre has been submitted to NIHR and NHSE and is published here. Oxford AHSC Report 2014-2020

The Report provides an overview of activities since 2014 and in particular demonstrates the impact of the work of the Partners during the period.  Highlights included:

  • System leadership – e.g. the designation of two BRCs under the AHSC’s auspices, formation of  the Oxford Institute for Nursing Midwifery and Allied Health Research;
  • Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence – roll out of Sleepio and the Gestational Diabetes (GDm) App
  • Microbiology and Anti-Microbial Resistance – Oxford AHSC researchers have pioneered the use of whole genome sequencing (WGS) to modernise microbiology in the NHS.
  • Early, rapid response to COVID-19 pandemic – e.g. RECOVERY and PRINCIPLE trials and the work on the Oxford Vaccine with AstraZeneca