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Research and Innovation Oversight Group

This group was established by the Board of the AHSC in November 2018 and will continue as part of the governance of the Oxford Academic Health Partners.

Oxford Academic Health Partners’ Research and Innovation Oversight Group
Terms of Reference


The OAHP R&I Oversight Group (“the RIOG”) is constituted as a joint committee of the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (OUH), Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust (OH), Oxford Brookes University (OBU) and the University of Oxford (OU). The Group has no executive powers, beyond those specifically delegated in these Terms of Reference.

The Group is authorised by the OAHP Board members in their capacity as executives of the partnership institutions to investigate any activity within its Terms of Reference. It is authorised to seek any information it requires from any member of staff and all OUH, OBU, OH and OU members of staff are directed to co-operate with any request made by the Committee.

The Group is authorised to obtain independent professional advice and to secure the attendance of outsiders with relevant experiences and expertise if it considers this necessary.

Purpose of the Committee
The RIOG is responsible for coordinating and overseeing strategic and scientific direction of collaborative research undertaken by the AHSC partners and for promoting the ‘pull through’ of research from basic discovery to translation, evaluation and implementation leveraging resources such as the NIHR infrastructure.

The ROIG will also provide the forum for the partnership to identify innovations that address priorities for OAHP and support the further development or evaluation of those innovations to promote their adoption into practice.

For the avoidance of doubt, the RIOG will not be involved in setting institutional strategies or policies, rather it will provide a platform for integrating them on behalf of the OAHP.

Operational Oversight
The RIOG will ensure that research activities across the partnership are coordinated to meet the requirement of any future accreditation demonstrating plans for nurturing innovation from discovery to applied evaluative research and enabling implementation.

The RIOG will advise the  Board on priorities for investment in research, innovation and development across the partnership that will support its mission to deliver excellence in research, translation and implementation.

The RIOG will also be responsible for optimizing the leverage of national research funding and opportunities to promote individuals through schemes

Specifically, the RIOG will ensure there is alignment between:
• Other key research infrastructure such the WTCHG and BDI
• Appropriate Divisions and Departments of the Universities

The RIOG will receive reports on relevant activities across the OAHP and will review the portfolio for opportunities to promote the impact of research in Oxford.

The RIOG will provide the forum for coordination of key research applications such as strategic bids for funding, including but not limited to; initiatives such as the selection of early career fellowships that address OAHP priorities and national awards such as selection of applicants for NIHR Professors.

Membership and representation
The membership of the committee shall be composed of the following
Chair – Professor Chas Bountra
OAHP Director – Professor Keith Channon
OH – R&D Director Professor John Geddes
OBU FHLS Professor Helen Dawes

OBU FHLS Professor Paul Carding
UoO MSD rep Professor Keith Channon
UoO (MPLS, Humanities, Social Sciences)
BRCs Professor Helen McShane and Professor John Geddes
ARC Professor Richard Hobbs
MIC Professor Chris Butler
OUI Adam Stoten

Attendance and Quorum

The quorum for the Committee will be six members (not including the Chair). For the meeting to be quorate at least four of the attendees would need to be from each of the partners (not including the Chair). Only members and the Chair have voting rights (if applicable).

The RIOG Chair may invite further observers on an ad hoc or repeated basis, without further formal reference to the group, in order to inform the work of the group.

It is expected that all members will personally attend at least 2 out of 4 meetings each year.
Members who are unable to attend a meeting may nominate a deputy subject to agreement with the Chair. Deputies will be counted for the purpose of the quorum.

Frequency of meetings
Meetings of the Committee shall be held 4 times per year.
The Chairman may at any time convene additional meetings of the group to consider business that requires urgent attention.

Accountability and Reporting arrangements
The group shall be accountable to the Board. The minutes of the RIOG meetings shall be formally recorded and submitted to meetings of the Board