Promoting economic growth

Oxford sits at the western end of the Thames Valley high-tech cluster – the UK’s largest – which includes significant life sciences and research & development organisations. Our region is home to over 150 biotech companies including some of the UK’s most successful start-ups responsible for rapid growth, innovation and much of the new inward investment in biotechs. Oxfordshire businesses which have recently entered major partnerships with pharmaceutical companies include Immunocore, Adaptimmune, Oxford Cancer Biomarkers and Oxford Nanopore.

The Oxford Academic Health Science Centre is looking at new ways to create value in the biotech sector. We are attempting to create an environment where biotech companies can be physically adjacent to the large biomedical campus near all four partners in Headington.

Oxford also has a good track record for converting scientific discoveries into improved patient outcomes – for example, therapeutic interventions in cardiovascular disease – which bring with them economic benefits.

For more on this see Building NHS, university and industry relationships.

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