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Professor John Geddes

Professor John Geddes

Professor John Geddes, Head of Department of Psychiatry and Director of the Oxford Health NIHR BRC

John is Professor of Epidemiological Psychiatry, Head of Department and Director, NIHR Oxford Health Biomedical Research Centre

My research focuses on the development and evaluation of treatments for people with bipolar and other mental disorders.

Bipolar disorder is common and disabling but has been under-researched compared to other disorders. There is a real need for innovative approaches to helping people with bipolar disorder.

We have established large cohorts of patients, developed new approaches to self management and monitoring, and conducted clinical trials as well as influential research syntheses. By involving patients in our research, we have been able to characterize the nature of mood disorder more accurately and we are increasingly using this knowledge to investigate the basic neurobiology and genetic mechanisms of the disorder.

Our research has generated high quality evidence to guide clinical practice and has been influential in international clinical practice guidelines.

Our research strategy increasingly combines the power of large scale epidemiological methods with the precision of neurobiological investigation.