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Professor Richard Hobbs


Professor Richard Hobbs

Nuffield Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences and Head of the Department

Director, NIHR English School for Primary Care Research

Director, NIHR Oxford and Thames Valley Applied Research Collaboration (NIHR ARC)  and sits on the Board of the OAHP in this capacity.

My research interests mainly focus on cardiovascular epidemiology and clinical trials, especially relating to vascular and stroke risk, heart failure, and digital health.

I have developed and led, at the University of Oxford, one of the largest and most highly ranked centres for academic primary care globally. Over my (long) career I have made major contributions to growing primary care academic capacity in the UK, in terms of both researchers and research networks. I think that this career contribution – highlighting the importance of primary care and disease prevention to health systems, and raising the capacity of academic primary care to answer important questions that improve the care of the patients we serve – is what motivated me on my career path, and still does. So much of what we do is uncertain and we should strive for greater clarity through scientific enquiry and then consistent and rapid implementation of the best evidence that emerges.

Richard is the co-lead with Chris Butler of the PRINCIPLE Trial for COVID-19