The service is currently taking part in a research programme to provide emergency service workers with quick access to psychological therapy.  And patients are benefiting from the ESCAPE research programme to help them quit smoking alongside their therapy.

In the future TalkingSpace Plus aims to provide people with the opportunity to take part in research to overcome mental distress following coronavirus. People experiencing prolonged grief and  those with chronic treatment resistant depression will be offered the opportunity to trial cognitive behavioural therapy alongside specialist medical treatment.

Dr Samantha Sadler, Research Lead and Clinical Psychologist at TalkingSpace Plus, said: “By giving patients the chance to take part in research TalkingSpace Plus, we are offering Oxfordshire people the opportunity to trial ground-breaking treatment which may not otherwise be available for years.  It is also a huge benefit to our therapists, who are given the option to develop their professional skills and provide a high quality therapeutic service to our patients.”

TalkingSpace Plus is a free NHS service. You can self-refer online or call 01865 901 222.