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The Oxford Cambridge ARC Universities Group

Both Universities in the Oxford Academic Health Partners are active members of the ARC which is currently chaired by Professor Alistair Fitt, Vice Chancellor of Oxford Brookes University.

The ARC underpins national competitiveness in many sectors, contributing £13 billion to the economy every year. By linking innovation districts and collaboration between public and private sector partners, the Arc will become a place in which world leading research can flourish.  It works together with business and government to foster research, skills and innovation to support inclusive and resilient growth across the region, and beyond.

It has produced an Economic Oxford-CambridgeArcProspectus_ExecutiveSummary which sets out the strengths of this Region and how it is moving forward.

“With investment, this area will enhance its world- leading science, technologies and industries which can drive competitive growth, deliver sustainable outcomes and secure inclusive job creation for the UK economy over the coming decades.”
“The Arc’s growth will be innovation-led and aimed at helping to solve the major economic, environmental, health and social challenges facing the world. This will drive UK green growth and create better-quality opportunities for our residents and businesses, now and in the future.”

The work of the OAHP with its focus on research, healthcare, life sciences, digital and medtech, innovation and development for the benefit of all and particularly patients across the UK fits perfectly into the ethos of this group and its Partners will continue to contribute across all areas and encourage further specific health related work in partnership with the Universities.

The work can only support the life-sciences-vision July 2021 published in early July as the ARC has so many of the strengths, skills and expertise highlighted.