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Genetic test predicts men’s risk of developing prostate cancer

Predictive genetic tool developed to better inform men whether and when to take PSA blood test. Prostate cancer detection currently relies on the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening blood test, which has been proven to reduce deaths from the disease. However, PSA testing is a poor screening tool because it can also produce false positive results […]

New five year research and development partnership announced

The University of Oxford, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the Patient experience healthcare company Oneview Healthcare signed a research and development (R&D) agreement for clinical pathways, following the success of a Prostate Cancer Pathway pilot. For the full story on the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences website

Major NIHR award to develop VR treatment in the NHS for mental health disorders

The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) has awarded £4 million to enable state-of-the-art psychological therapy to be delivered via virtual reality (VR) in the NHS. The project, led by Daniel Freeman, NIHR Research Professor and Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Oxford and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, brings together a team of NHS trusts, universities, […]

New clinical trial aims to tackle bowel cancer

Oxford University Hospitals has started a clinical trial which combines the use of immunotherapy with a protein-inhibiting drug for use with difficult-to-treat bowel cancer. Immunotherapy combined with checkpoint inhibitor drugs has been used successfully as treatment for  several cancers, including melanoma and lung cancer, but until now has not worked so effectively on bowel cancer. […]

Oxford Centre for Haematology launched

The new Oxford Centre for Haematology has been launched with funding from the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre (BRC), bringing together University of Oxford researchers and clinicians from Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The aim of this new virtual centre is to bring people working in haematology together to improve the understanding and treatment of blood […]

Researchers close in on causes of skin inflammation

Researchers in Oxford have discovered an unexpected way in which different aspects of the skin’s defence system interact, and how they can go astray in skin inflammation. This research, supported by the NIHR Oxford BRC, suggests a new line of investigation to develop treatments for conditions such as eczema. For the full story on the […]

The iceberg model of self-harm

Researchers have created a model of self-harm that shows high levels of the problem in the community, especially in young girls, and the need for school-based prevention measures. For the full story on University of Oxford website

Drug discovery must change to urgently address global health needs

Pharmaceutical research and development (R & D) is one of the best examples of human ingenuity, attracting vast funding and deploying the most advanced technologies. Over the past century, it has enabled unprecedented advances for human health. Yet the pharmaceutical R & D system is struggling to keep up with society’s medical needs.  More and better […]

Oxford University to receive £14 million in ERC Funding

Oxford University has won £14 million in new European Research Council (ERC) funding. Created to support innovative, high-impact research across the academic disciplines, the ERC offer 5-year grants to outstanding scientists and top researchers working in academia across Europe. Since it was founded in 2007 the funding body has awarded close to €12 billion across […]

The Hill Pitch Event

Sociologist Alex Rushforth from the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, recently attended Oxford’s annual digital health pitching event, The Hill, for the first time. Here’s what he made of it.   For the full story on Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences website

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