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Today we want to say a special thank you to a really, really important group of people. These are the Domestic Assistants from Bouygues Energies & Services (ByES), some of whom are pictured here in the West Wing of the John Radcliffe Hospital. This is the team that manages the day to day running and support services for the JR, from cleaning, portering services and patient catering for the whole building. ByES also now takes care of the structural maintenance of the newer parts of the actual John Radcliffe Hospital buildings, including the West Wing and Children’s Hospital. COVID-19 has brought with it an increase in their workload: in particular, an even higher standard of cleanliness is now required to ensure everyone’s safety within the hospital. Additional Domestic Assistants have joined the team to help maintain this high standard.

We are all beyond grateful to this wonderful team of dedicated staff, who have shown bravery and courage during this challenging period. They have adapted their roles to ensure the best possible service for our patients and staff; they have undertaken additional training, and are now operating even more extensive cleaning schedules. They make us all very proud. We are pleased to report that our Domestic Assistants have been receiving lovely comments and thank you cards from patients too. They have received donations of fruit and vegetables, food parcels via Oxford Hospitals Charity delivered by our volunteers and even wash bags so they can bring their uniforms home from work without contaminating their personal property.

Anne Tutt, Vice Chair and Non-Executive Director of the Trust, says: “We would like to say a massive thank you to all these staff, for all their hard work and dedication. Their work, in partnership with the Trust, has been amazing, and we will get through this together.”

Thank you to our Domestic Assistants for all they do!

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