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Teaching, research and care – meeting new challenges

Four of our five partners are closely linked in their objective to improve education and training for the whole workforce, introducing new training to reflect the importance of for example the digital developments, the importance of innovation and cross-professional training and development.

OAHP’s ability to address healthcare needs are further strengthened by OBU’s OxINMAHR; the only research institute in the UK dedicated to the full remit of healthcare professions, through research and education programmes for nurses, midwives, AHPs and paramedics, biomedical scientists and social workers.

The Oxford Biomedical Data Science Training Programme, funded by Wellcome and NIHR Oxford BRC, trains biomedical scientists in the skills for analysis of large-scale biomedical and genomic datasets. OBU’s training programmes cover genomics, informatics, biomedical science and public health for the wider healthcare workforce.

OUH and UoO partner in OBU’s Senior Leaders MBA scheme, with candidates undertaking work-based projects leading to the award of a Global MBA.

OAHP will create the Oxford Collaboration for Clinical Academic Pathways for AHPs, as a “test bed” for national implementation.  This work is being supported by a number of initiatives including joint clinical academic appointments between Brookes and the two NHS trusts for AHPs and the launch of the OAHP Research Development Awards to encourage capacity and capability in research for nurses, midwives and ahps.

A key example  of partnership is the Oxford School of Nursing and Midwifery.

The partnership comprises Oxford Brookes University, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, under the umbrella of the Oxford Academic Health Partners.  The Oxford School of Nursing and Midwifery (OSN+M) is a partnership which provides nurses and midwives with all they need to excel. Inspired by world-leading exemplars such as John Hopkins University in the US, it combines research driven education and clinical practice with the opportunity to be involved in high quality healthcare research.

Developments in the training and development of Healthcare Scientists and the Allied Health Professionals are equally important and a focus.  Oxford Brookes’ Department of Biological and Medical Sciences has a number of highly relevant courses covering the sciences.

Oxford Brookes also provides a wide range of continuing professional development courses through its Faculty of Health and Life Sciences.  More information can be found here.

The University of Oxford’s Medical Sciences Division also provides a wide range of course and access to further training.  Full information can be found here.  Opportunities cover the undergraduate and postgraduate student.