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Life Sciences Vision and Missions

OAHP is making unique contributions in specific areas identified by the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy updated in January 2020.  In 2022 it is looking at how it can support the Strategy through the Vision and Missions published in July 2021 with the aim of setting a 10-year strategy for sector to solve some of the biggest healthcare problems of our generation, including cancer and dementia.

Seven Missions have been identified:

  1. Improving translational capabilities in neurodegeneration and dementia
  2. Enabling early diagnosis and treatments, including immune therapies such as cancer vaccines
  3. Sustaining the UK position in novel vaccine discovery development and manufacturing
  4. Treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases and its major risk factors, including obesity
  5. Reducing mortality and morbidity from respiratory disease in the UK and globally
  6. Addressing the underlying biology of ageing
  7. Increasing the understanding of mental health conditions, including work to redefine diseases and develop translational tools to address them

Partners across the OAHP have many strengths in each of these areas, and particularly in vaccines, dementia, mental health, cardiovascular diseases and obesity. Plans are being developed that will allow contributions in all areas with partnership with industry.  Further information on each is expected shortly.