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Informatics, Digital Health and e-Health

OAHP will develop its clinical informatics programme, based in the Big Data Institute (BDI) and supported by funding from NIHR and UKRI (Innovate-UK). The clinical informatics team have developed a Data Warehouse, including data on 12m patient episodes, 131m biochemistry results, 58m microbiology results, and 12m radiology reports. The Warehouse supports service improvement, translational research, and data science. OAHP will work with commercial and public sector organisations to develop the Data Warehouse through a spinout company,
creating an EHR linking existing infrastructure to make data accessible to clinicians and patients. OAHP teams have developed new technologies that will support health data management and re-use at scale, such as the metadata catalogue toolkit being used by NHS Digital to support a new version of the NHS Data Dictionary, by HDR-UK to support the Innovation Gateway, and by a range of other organisations to support the management of large health datasets.

NIHR Oxford BRC is the coordinating centre for the NIHR Health Informatics Collaborative (HIC), now incorporating 23 NHS Trusts in a framework data sharing agreement. Data are used to address ‘real world’ clinically relevant questions in multiple therapeutic areas.
NIHR OH BRC spun-out Akrivia Health in May 2019, providing a sustainable pathway for the NIHR and MRC funded UK-CRIS programme. UK-CRIS manages secure access to one of the World’s largest repositories of deidentified patient data in mental health and dementia. Akrivia Health will facilitate early-stage drug discovery, reduce clinical trial costs, and underpin Phase IV evaluation and pharmacovigilance. UK-CRIS supports NHS Trusts in participation in the global trials market and supports academic research by developing tools to support
text-mining to create real knowledge from distributed and heterogeneous data.

OAHP’s BDI hosts NCIMI, an Innovate-UK funded national cloud-connected network bringing together 15 NHS Trusts, academia, large-scale industry such as GE Healthcare, Alliance Medical, multiple SMEs and patient groups. OAHP is a lead partner in PathLAKE (Pathology Image Data Lake for Education, Analytics and Discovery), a UK ecosystem for AI development in pathology. PathLAKE will drive deployment of digital pathology platforms to transform diagnostic NHS cellular pathology laboratories.

OAHP is part of the Thames Valley and Surrey Local Health and Care Record Exemplar (LHCRE), creating an information sharing environment for health and care services across the Region, supporting anonymised data analysis for improvements in health and wellbeing for 3.8 million local people.