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Our work

The Oxford Academic Health Science Centre held an Away Day in February 2018 and as a result the themes have changed slightly.  The work covers all previous areas but themes 3 and 5 have been merged to create a single Theme on Immunity and Infection; Theme 2 is now managed through the recently established Research and Innovation Oversight Group which reports to the Board of the AHSC; Themes 4 and 6 have been renamed to Multi-Morbidity and Ageing, and Cognitive and Mental Health respectively.  These changes build on the ways in which the work has progressed over the last few years and takes account of plans going forward.  In addition, cross cutting work is being done on education and workforce and on pathways of care.  The work on Big Data and Clinical Informatics has become work in support of all themes and objectives.

In each area of work, the partners are contributing in different ways to ensure that the trajectory between discovery and translation into routine practice is steep and rapid.

By bringing together expertise and established programmes from within the four partner organisations and beyond we expect to improve both the speed and effectiveness of these initiatives.

There are strong interdependencies between the  themes and work areas which are outlined below:

Big data and Clinical Informatics 

Research and Innovation (Oversight Group)

Immunity and Infection

Multi-morbidity and Ageing

Cognitive and mental health

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