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Big Data and Clinical Informatics

Delivering the digital medicine revolution

Theme lead: Professor Martin Landray

Our vision

To develop and deliver an integrated and coordinated ‘Big Data’ programme that analyses very large datasets to reveal new patterns, trends and associations.  We want to use this new information to benefit patients, their carers and our wider society, by using it to deliver better research and healthcare.  The theme has become a cross-cutting activity supporting all aspects of the AHSC’s work.

Our mission

To deliver an integrated, modular, sustainable and extensible informatics approach that facilitates delivering personalised medicine, by translating laboratory research into patient treatments. Our approach will be embedded within a healthcare system that learns from and informs research. This approach will include:

  • Clinical care through monitoring individual and population healthcare needs, and gathering information to support decisions about medical care (e.g. referral, discharge, step-up/-down of care) and treatment (e.g. initiation, discontinuation, dose and duration).
  • Patient and public engagement which will build trust and set the informatics agenda for research and practice, as well as help with collecting data and sharing information.
  • Quality assurance through assessment, comparison and improvement for people, teams and organisations providing healthcare (e.g. practitioners, clinical teams and services).
  • Discovery of new causes, mechanisms, treatments and consequences of disease.
  • Evaluation of clinical care (including epidemiology, clinical trials, health economics, service utilisation).
  • Education supporting development, innovation and use of big data and clinical informatics for delivering efficient and effective healthcare.
  • Leadership (nationally and internationally) in the use of data and informatics for high quality clinical care.

Martin Landry leads the work of this theme which contributes to the work of all other themes.

Martin Landray

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