Building NHS, university and industry relationships

Theme lead: Chas Bountra

Our vision

To bring together the strengths of the NHS, universities and industry. By fostering creative relationships between these three key stakeholders, we aim to create a much more collaborative environment that supports the translation of laboratory research into real-life impact.

Our mission

To reduce the barriers to collaboration, generate better targets for drug discovery, create long-term collaborative relationships, and drive innovation and entrepreneurship, in order to:

  • More efficiently translate our fundamental research into benefit for patients
  • Facilitate the creation of commercial value for our private partners
  • Attract inward investment into the region and the UK
  • Create many more high skilled health sector jobs, associated with unique opportunities for education and training
  • Create more sustainable biotech companies


Key partners include the Oxford Academic Health Science Network and in particular the Strategic and Industry Partnerships team led by Nick Scott-Ram


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