Modulating immune responses

Modulating immune responses for patient benefit

Theme leadPaul Klenerman

Our vision

To take an innovative approach to translational medicine, by integrating multidisciplinary basic science programme with clinical research and clinical care to produce ‘lab bench-to-patient-bedside’ benefits.

Our mission

To build on Oxford’s proven capacity in basic and clinical science, clinical research and pathways to clinical care, and to apply a multidisciplinary approach that will enable innovations in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of immune-mediated diseases. Our aim is to move from the accepted management of these debilitating conditions to the cures that patients seek. Our approach will include:

  • A state-of-the-art immune phenotyping platform to aid diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of disease
  • Identifying, developing and testing novel therapeutic targets for treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases
  • Redefining disease based on molecular pathogenesis, and using this method on clinically and genetically defined patient cohorts for stratified medicine approaches
  • Harnessing the immune response to accelerate the development of novel vaccines for infectious disease and anti-tumour immunity
  • Applying novel science-led interdisciplinary and multi-professional approach to foster innovations in clinical care pathways used for inflammatory diseases
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