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Chronic Disease, Multi-Morbidity and Ageing

Theme leads: Stephen McMahon and Kazem Rahimi

Our vision

To address the growing burden of chronic disease demands – including diabetes, vascular disease, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and the implications of multi-morbidities – with radical approaches to care that lead to better patient outcomes at lower cost.  In particular, the opportunity is being taken to work with collaborators across the UK in ITAC.  More information about this important collaboration can be found here.

Our mission

To coordinate our partners’ interests in developing new approaches to care, with a special focus on novel technological solutions and interdisciplinary support. Using targeted programmes to develop integrated models for chronic disease management, this theme will explore and validate new approaches to care. Our aim is to establish commissioned care pathways that are supported by strong evidence of both outcome and cost benefits.  The programmes will include:

  • Understanding the different mechanisms that give rise to chronic diseases and developing a classification system that reflects the specific mechanisms rather than the broad clinical symptoms. This redefinition will help deliver safer, more effective healthcare.
  • Prioritising effective preventive services for individuals at high risk of developing disease and developing effective interventions for primary and secondary disease prevention.
  • Improving the management of acute complications of chronic disease, using acute management strategies based on the best clinical research, which uses our partners’ key assets such as the unique Acute Vascular Imaging Research Unit (situated next to the Oxford University Hospitals emergency department).
  • Community-based approaches to integrated healthcare, developed through controlled studies of innovative community models of disease management for a range of areas including diabetes, COPD and chronic heart disease.
  • Managing multiple conditions in patients with chronic disease, to address the challenges of an ageing population.
  • Digitally monitoring physiological variables (e.g. heart and respiratory rate in congestive heart failure patients) that may signal relapse or non-compliance with treatment.
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